Who we are Transforming Healthcare since 1989.

At A-Rich, a global healthcare powerhouse, we’ve been dedicated to enriching the health and well-being of individuals worldwide since our inception in 1989.

Our Innovative Healthcare Mission

Embracing a pioneering stance in essential plasma-derived medicines and transfusion medicine, we strive to develop, produce, and provide cutting-edge healthcare services and solutions.

Driven by Patient Needs

With a profound understanding of various chronic, rare, and life-threatening diseases, we channel our ever-growing knowledge into innovative approaches for both plasma and other biopharmaceuticals, ultimately enhancing the quality of life.

Comprehensive Therapeutic Focus

A-Rich is committed to addressing conditions across diverse therapeutic areas, including neurology, immunology, hepatology, intensive care, pulmonology, hematology, and infectious diseases.

$ 3 bn
Global Plasma Market
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Lives touched
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Years in industry


A-Rich Plasma Products (R&D) pioneers transformative innovation in diverse plasma products, including Albumin, clotting factors, and immunoglobulins. Our multidisciplinary team ensures excellence from meticulous objective setting to full-scale production, emphasizing quality, scalability, and regulatory compliance. Committed to ongoing research, collaborations, and intellectual property protection, A-Rich leads in critical care, immunotherapy, and hematology.

Pioneering in Plasma: The Future

As industry pioneers, we boast an extensive collaboration network with donation centers nationwide, solidifying our position as a leader in the plasma sector.

Uncompromising quality, unparalleled care


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