Team Leadership Leadership

Sumit Mathur


Sumit Mathur brings nearly a decade of hands-on experience in the Pharmaceuticals Industry, showcasing resilience and leadership. With a robust foundation in technical knowledge, market understanding, and exemplary entrepreneurial skills. Sumit has also spent over 2 years in Financial credit rating, demonstrating a keen analytical mindset. His dynamic blend of youthful enthusiasm and a solid background in the pharmaceutical landscape positions him as a versatile professional, poised for continued success and innovation in diverse industries.

Abhimanyu Kumar

Independent Director & COO

Abhimanyu, a Mechanical Engineering graduate, brings nearly a decade of diverse industry experience to the table. Having traversed through sectors like Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Blockchain, and Food, he now serves as the COO and Co-founder of AIRTH, an AIIMS Delhi and IIT Kanpur incubated venture dedicated to developing cutting-edge biotech products that effectively capture and deactivate fungi and viruses, including formidable threats like Black fungus, SARS-CoV-2 and Drug resistant microbes. Abhimanyu’s commitment extends beyond his current role, as evidenced by his two-year stint at IIT Bombay, where he played a pivotal role in aiding student teams in transforming startup ideas into viable ventures. As a serial entrepreneur, he fervently believes in the burgeoning healthcare and biotech ecosystem, dedicating his efforts to impactful, cause-based projects that contribute to the greater good.

Dr. Singh


Indian Plasma Guru

Dr. Singh, a luminary in the realm of plasma products and therapies, has devoted his career to reshaping India’s healthcare landscape. Renowned for his pioneering work in Plasma Fractionation and the creation of Plasma Derived Medicinal Products (PDMPs), Dr. Singh is steadfast in providing life-saving solutions for individuals grappling with genetic deficiencies. As the Scientist and CEO of a renowned Plasma fractionation company , he has guided the organization to prominence in the bio-pharmaceutical sector, specializing in transformative Plasma Protein Therapy. Fueled by passion and a profound sense of responsibility, he not only navigated challenges within the field but also played a pivotal role in shaping plasma policies in India. Dr. Singh’s visionary leadership and expert insights make him a sought-after international speaker, championing progress in gene therapy, personal medicines, and biopharmaceuticals. His journey stands as a compelling testament to pursuing one’s passion, confronting challenges with resilience, and effecting substantial change in the healthcare arena.

Raj Kumar Prasad


With over 45 years of extensive experience

Raj Kumar Prasad stands as a distinguished figure in the pharmaceuticals industry, bringing a wealth of expertise as a first-generation entrepreneur. His journey is marked by a comprehensive understanding of Pharma product Technical Knowledge, Sales & Distribution strategies, supply chain intricacies, market dynamics, and customer relations. As a trailblazer, Raj Kumar Prasad has not only navigated the ever-evolving landscape of the pharmaceutical sector with precision but has also shaped its trajectory through innovative approaches and a steadfast commitment to excellence