A-Rich Plasma Products (R&D) pioneers transformative innovation in diverse plasma products, including Albumin, clotting factors, and immunoglobulins. Our multidisciplinary team ensures excellence from meticulous objective setting to full-scale production, emphasizing quality, scalability, and regulatory compliance. Committed to ongoing research, collaborations, and intellectual property protection, A-Rich leads in critical care, immunotherapy, and hematology.

Research & Development

1. Project

Objective Definition

A-Rich meticulously defines the objective of innovating a range of plasma products, specifying the type (e.g., Albumin, clotting factors, immunoglobulins).

Market Research

A-Rich conducts thorough market analysis, identifying current trends, demands, potential competitors, and strategic market gaps.

2. Feasibility Assessment

Technical Feasibility

A-Rich assesses technical feasibility, leveraging required technologies and scientific advancements.

Economic Feasibility

A preliminary cost analysis ensures economic viability, considering potential revenue streams and market pricing.
In-depth investigations into regulatory requirements, including compliance with cGMP, USFDA, EU-GMP, and other standards.

3. Research Planning

Literature Review

A comprehensive review of existing literature on plasma products informs research direction.

Research Team Formation

A-Rich assembles a dynamic, multidisciplinary team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

4. Laboratory Research

Prototype Development

A-Rich initiates prototype development, testing various formulations and processing methods.

Quality Assessment

Quality parameters for the plasma product are established, with methods for testing and evaluating product quality.

5. Optimization and Validation

Process Optimization

A-Rich optimizes the production process for efficiency and cost-effectiveness through iterative testing.

Validation Studies

Validation studies ensure consistency, reliability, and scalability of the process.

6. Scale-Up


The optimized process is implemented in a pilot product setting, with A-Rich monitoring and troubleshooting any scaling-up issues.

Clinical R&D

A-Rich's clinical R&D encompasses the research and development efforts conducted after a medicine has been formulated and exhibits the potential for production. Within our clinical research departments, A-Rich takes charge of product trials and provides life-cycle management support for all our marketed medicines.

Full-Scale Production Planning

A comprehensive plan for full-scale production is developed based on R&D results, considering capacity, logistics, and resource requirements.

7. Quality Control Implementation

Quality Assurance Protocols

A-Rich establishes robust quality control protocols and integrates real-time monitoring systems for assurance.

Regulatory Documentation

Comprehensive documentation is prepared for regulatory approval, addressing concerns and meeting requirements.

8. Commercialization

Market Entry Strategy

A-Rich develops a strategic marketing and distribution plan, identifying potential partners or collaborators.

Production Launch

Full-scale production of the plasma product is launched, with A-Rich actively monitoring market feedback and making necessary adjustment

9. Post-Launch Monitoring

Ongoing Research

A-Rich continues research and development efforts for continuous product improvement.

Continuous Improvement

A system for continuous improvement is implemented based on feedback, performance data, and exploration of opportunities for cost optimization and innovation.

10. Documentation and Reporting

Project Documentation

A-Rich maintains detailed records of the entire R&D process and prepares comprehensive reports for stakeholders and regulatory authorities.

11. Collaboration and Partnerships

Collaboration Opportunities

A-Rich explores potential collaborations with research institutions, industry partners, or government agencies, leveraging external expertise and resources.

Intellectual Property Protection

A-Rich assesses the need for patent protection and actively works on securing intellectual property rights.

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